NOTE: Sales are suspended as we catch up on online orders. Click here for more details.

Status update - Feb 16, 2023

Matt here - just a quick update from my end.

Straight to the point: I have suspended all new pickup sales/rewinding jobs/wiring work to allow me to catch up on a backlog of several dozen online orders.

Be assured that every single order is going to be filled and shipped out, and while I understand that current production delays and a lack of clear ETAs may seem unreasonable to some of you eagerly awaiting your orders, please realize that a combination of backordered parts and limited production ability means that I can't necessarily tackle orders in chronological order. That said I will be doing my best to get caught up on everything by the end of April.

I genuinely appreciate everyone's support throughout the years and feel blessed to have had the ability to turn what was once a hobby into a genuine way of earning a living, but to be perfectly candid, the pickup business was never quite enough to provide a living wage on its own. As such, after five years of juggling this and another business venture, I took on full-time employment elsewhere, in the motorcycle industry.

Online sales may resume after I get caught up, but for now I shall keep my head down and crank out pickups on evenings and weekends. Kindly bear with me as I dig myself out of this moderately-sized hole. ✌️ Peace Sign Emoji Meaning with Pictures: from A to Z