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Signature Jazzmaster
Signature Jazzmaster
Signature Jazzmaster

Signature Jazzmaster

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If you own a recent-production Jazzmaster, chances are that your guitar doesn't even sport real Jazzmaster pickups! Some are fitted with tall Strat-style coils while some other come with P-90 style pickups that use dual bar magnets. Our Signature Jazzmaster pickups are made the traditional way: a really short and wide coil that has a much wider frequency response curve than anything else out there. If you're never played with bona fide Jazzmaster pickups before, pop these in and you're in for a treat.

Like all our Fender-style single-coil pickups, our Jazzmaster sets use Alnico 5 magnets for the bass strings (E-A-D) & Alnico 2 magnets for the treble strings (G-B-E). This preserves the typically tight bass response of Fender pickups while taming some of the "sting" from the top strings. Traditional Jazzmasters can be overly bright guitars with all dials set on 10 - we feel that using mixed magnet types gives a better starting point to the extremely wide tonal palette offered by Leo Fender's classic design. 

 Cream covers and mounting screws are included. 

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Output Moderate
Magnet type(s) Alnico 5 & 2
DC resistance  Neck: 7.9k / Bridge: 8.6k
Inductance Neck: 3.9H / Bridge: 4.6H
Resonant peak Neck: 3.5khz / Bridge: 3.2khz
Magnet wire Neck: Heavy formvar / Bridge: Plain enamel
Pole pieces Vintage-correct flush-mount

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