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10th Street Bridge for Strat

10th Street Bridge for Strat

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The 10th Street Bridge pickup is our take on the crossover Strat/Tele pickup. The pickup is naturally twangy and punchy without being shrill. We designed it to be the closest thing to an early flat-pole Tele bridge pickup that you can cram into your Strat (without hacking into the body or pickguard!) 

We use the shorter Tele coil shape, flat polepieces and a copper-plated baseplate to mimic the traditional Tele bridge pickup blueprint, while winding the coil to a low 6.4k ohms to retain the bite and attack of the real deal.

The 10th Street Bridge pickup is offered with our favorite hybrid magnet configuration (Alnico 5 under the wound stings and Alnico 2 under the plain strings), but you can also specify an all-Alnico 2, 3 or 5 configuration in the drop-down menu below.

And while the 10th Street Bridge was designed primarily as a bridge position pickup, it is perfectly suitable for use in any position and as a set of 3. (Pairs and sets will be wound RWRP unless you message us and ask for non-RWRP.)

Detailed specs coming soon

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