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Twisted 61 Strat
Twisted 61 Strat

Twisted 61 Strat

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We designed these pickups to emulate the piano-like tone reminiscent of a certain British guitarist known for his sublime clean Strat sounds. They quack like no other are able to produce pristine cleans.

We build this set with a reverse-wound, reverse-polarity (RWRP) middle pickup by default, but you can specify a vintage-correct set (non-RWRP) in the dropdown list below. As with all our Fender-style single coils, these pickups use a mix of Alnico 5 magnets for the bass side and Alnico 2 for the treble side. 


Output Vintage
Magnet type(s) Alnico 5 & 2
DC resistance  Neck/Middle/Bridge: 6.15k
Inductance Neck/Middle/Bridge: 3.1H
Resonant peak Neck/Middle/Bridge: 4khz 
Magnet wire Heavy formvar
Pole pieces Modern stagger

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