Signature P-90
Signature P-90
Signature P-90

Signature P-90

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Our Signature P-90 pickups use high-quality fiber bobbins (which resist warpage better than the more common plastic bobbins), maple spacers and polished cast bar magnets.

Important note regarding polarity: we offer both hum-cancelling and the more traditional, non-hum-cancelling P-90 sets. If you want hum cancellation when both pickups are engaged, select the RWRP option. For a more vintage-correct set, select the non-RWRP option.

The neck pickup uses a pair of Alnico 5 bar magnets while the bridge uses Alnico 2 magnets. This provides a better tonal balance between the two pickups, which otherwise might sound too "woofy" in the neck (if we were to use Alnico 2 for both pickups) or a little too barky in the bridge (if we used Alnico 5).

Our P-90s have all the warmth and power of a traditional set, minus the sometimes aggravating amount of hum when both pickups are selected.

Black covers and mounting screws/springs are included.


Output Moderate
Magnet type(s) Alnico 5 / Alnico 2
DC resistance  Neck: 8.2k / Bridge: 8.3k
Inductance Neck: 6.7H / Bridge: 7H
Resonant peak Neck: 3.2khz / Bridge: 3.1khz
Magnet wire Single poly nylon

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