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Signature Tele
Signature Tele
Signature Tele
Signature Tele

Signature Tele

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Our Signature pickups for Tele use Alnico 5 magnets on the bass side (E-A-D) and Alnico 2 on the treble side (G-B-E). This maintains the bass response of a traditional Tele set while letting the treble strings "breathe" a little more with the lower magnetic pull of the Alnico 2 rod magnets. Doing this results in a creamier top end and less ice-picky response from the top strings, especially in the bridge position. 

For the neck pickup, we overwind the coil using heavy-build 43 AWG poly nylon wire to give more "pop" to the classic chrome-covered Telecaster pickup. 

The bridge pickup is wound using 42 AWG heavy poly nylon wire, which produces a sound close to that of formvar, bright and punchy without being harsh.


Output Neck: Moderate / Bridge: Vintage
Magnet type(s) Alnico 5 & 2
DC resistance  Neck: 7.7k / Bridge: 6.7k
Inductance Neck: 3.2H / Bridge: 3.3H
Resonant peak Neck: 4.1khz / Bridge: 4khz
Magnet wire Neck/Bridge: Heavy-build poly nylon
Pole pieces Flush-mount (staggered pole pieces available upon request)

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