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Our best seller! These pickups have all the quack of a traditional set of Strat pickups in positions 2 & 4, but with a couple more tricks down their sleeves.

First, we use Alnico 5 magnets on the bass side (E-A-D) and Alnico 2 on the treble side (G-B-E). This maintains the tight, focused bass response of a traditional Strat set while letting the treble strings "breathe" a little more with the lower magnetic pull of the Alnico 2 rod magnets. Doing this results in a slightly creamier top end and less ice-picky response from the top strings, especially in the bridge position.

Second, we slightly underwind the neck pickup to ~5.85kΩ for a little extra bass and treble response, which works fantastically well for fat rhythms and sparkly solos, whereas the bridge pickup is slightly overwound to about 6.35kΩ to give it a little more midrange kick. The middle pickup is the glue that holds everything together with a DC resistance just above 6kΩ turns which, combined to the tightly-wound single poly nylon wire and medium wax potting (about 4 minutes in a blend of paraffin and beeswax), produces just the right amount of snap when used by itself or in conjunction with the neck or middle pickup. (Pro tip: adding a push-pull pot to your Strat-style guitar to allow the neck + bridge combination is a favorite mod of ours, and these pickups sound godly in that configuration.)

Ideal for: clean to medium crunch rock, pop, blues, funk, country, folk, R&B.

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Output Vintage
Magnet type(s) Alnico 5 & 2
DC resistance*  Neck: 5.85kΩ / Middle: 6.05kΩ / Bridge: 6.35kΩ
Inductance* Neck: 2.8H / Middle: 3H / Bridge: 3.2H
Resonant peak* Neck: 4khz / Middle: 3.9khz / Bridge: 3.8khz
Magnet wire Single poly nylon
Pole pieces Modern stagger


*Due to the handmade nature of Rainville pickups, there could be slight (+/- 3%) variations from one set to the next. DC resistance is greatly temperature dependent and will fluctuate depending on the environment. We test all our pickups at 21C/72F and 40-60% relative humidity.