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Q Pound for Strat
Q Pound for Strat

Q Pound for Strat

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Huge. Beefy. Creamy. Our Q Pound pickup is a monster. Using 1/4" rod magnets and 44 AWG wire, it works fantastically well for dirty blues, hard rock, metal and more. It also cleans up really well and is surprisingly versatile given its brutish specs.

Neck & middle are wound to an identical 9k ohms and the bridge is overwound to 10.2k for more midrange kick.

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Output High
Magnet type(s) Alnico 5
DC resistance  Neck: 9k / Middle: 9k / Bridge: 10.2k
Inductance Neck: 3.45H / Middle: 3.45H / Bridge: 4.2H
Resonant peak Neck: 3.5khz / Middle: 3.5khz / Bridge: 3khz
Magnet wire 44 AWG single poly nylon
Pole pieces Modern stagger

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